Ensuring we have a positive impact on local communities is one of our top priorities when developing a project. We work on all our social responsibility ecosystems to detect needs, issues and assess the impact of all actors involved. This enables us to define actions and build strong relationships that contribute to a fairer society and mitigate our environmental impact.
In addition, as soon as new projects are created, we look to generate cohesion with our local environment through inclusive businesses that provide job opportunities to local people.

At BTU we think it is impossible to provide high quality services if we do not offer our team members proper working conditions, which is why our HR department works systematically to improve daily working conditions and benefits for staff. To this end, we also promote educational and cultural development initiatives that meet the company’s needs by offering training courses and scholarships for specialization careers and postgraduate education.

As direct actions towards the communities where we develop our projects, we bring closer technology through donations or by other means so that the digital gap that exists in some places of the country is reduced. We also promote cultural activities for staff and provide equipment for emergency rooms, for example.