Brief description:

Basic and detailed engineering revision, supply, manufacturing, building and assembly, commissioning and assistance for Candelaria Turbo Compressor Plant -located in Salta.

  • Rate: 15 MMm³/day

  • Power: 10,000 HP

  • Specialties: piping, mechanics, civil and electric engineering, instruments, communications, safety.



  • Equipment:

    One Turbo-compressor (Power 10,000 HP) and Auxiliaries
    Discharge gas air coolers
    Process skid
    Inlet Gas separator filters
    2 Motor generators (Power: 300 Kw each) plus an extra emergency motor generator (power: 80 Kw)


  • Main tasks:

    Soil movement and civil construction.
    Piping construction and assembly
    Mechanic equipment assembly
    Electrical systems
    Instrument and control systems