Brief description:

Full renovation of Ferrocarril Sarmiento railroad structure from km51,2 Gral. Rodríguez to km 66,8 Luján, Buenos Aires. Carried out jointly with the full renovation of 5 stations, 17 rail track equipments and 1,5 km of auxiliary railroads.

  • Broad gauge (1.676 m)

  • 125.000tn ballast

  • 68.400m rails

  • 3,800 Thermal aluminium welding

  • 52,000 pressed concrete sleepers

Main site characteristics

Deadline: 356 days
A total of 32.7km double railroad including auxiliary railroads
5 stations.
17 new rail track equipments
1 improved rail track equipment.
3 km auxiliary railroad
15.50 km of Tiber Optic Triple Duct installation alongside the railway
13 artwork pieces (artwork piece: any structure used to cross obstacles)
4km fence to limit level crossings
15 level crossings (concrete tile)