Brief description:

Detail engineering, material & equipment supply, building, assembly and start up of high pressure gas pipe (Gasoducto del Noreste Argentino). Aimed to town approach, this project will be carried out by UTE jointly with Esuco S.A and Victor Contreras S.A, being BTU the Technical Director.

Main site characteristics

  • Setting of 615 km gas pipeline, 238 of them are ø 4”, 230 km 6” and 147 km 10”. These tasks include all special crossings and surface facilities.

  • Natural gas supply to more than 30 towns.

  • Mounting and supply of Separation and Measurement Stations, as well as fully equipped Regulation and Odorization stations and supplemental sites for every town.

  • Mounting and supply of polyethylene distribution branches (40 km pipeline)

General Data:

BTU is in charge of the mounting of:

  • 147km of Gas pipe, 10″ diameter

  • 12km of Oil pipe, 6″ diameter

  • 11,5km of Oil pipe, 4″ diameter

  • 13 km of polyethylene pipelines

  • Gas supply for 11 towns