BTU is characterized by meeting its clients’ demands from beginning to end, and delivering the very best projects.

To achieve this, BTU works under an Integrated Policy on Quality, Safety and Environment. This means that a rigorous Quality Management System based on international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 is implemented on each project. This allows us to optimize operative procedures within the deadlines requested by our customers.



BTU works in accordance with the most rigorous Quality Control system. We use specific manuals, inspection plans and trials, task execution procedures and associated registrations.

Through this, we guarantee that every task undertaken during a project has been carried out correctly, optimizing the quality of the final product.



Safety is one of BTU’s top priorities. We follow a planning and supervision procedure for each process carried out during a project.

Also, before initiating each project, BTU defines a specific safety plan that guarantees, first and foremost, the safety and integrity of our staff, minimizing any potential risks.



BTU constantly monitors environmental impact in order to guarantee environmental care during every project.

We pay special attention to the final disposal of pollution residue that could be generated at our works. To do so, we carefully plan each task that causes such residue and hire certified companies for its collection and disposal. This way, we contribute to minimizing the negative impact caused on native flora and fauna.